Gas fitter Adelaide

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We’re proud to have the ability to attend to any gas fitting requirement at any time, day or night, weekday, weekend or public holiday. At Jim’s Plumbing Adelaide, our service hours never stop; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even Easter and Christmas, we can be wherever you need us. In addition to that, we have the manpower and the fleet size capable to have one of our highly trained, licensed gas plumbers at your home or business within just an hour of booking. When it comes to gas problems in Adelaide, there’s no other choice.

We know how serious a gas leak can be, and how annoying it is when a gas hot water heater or other gas appliance malfunctions. That’s why, in addition to our round the clock service, we have expert gasfitters ready and waiting to come to your Adelaide home wherever it may be. Unley, Marion, Mt Barker, Enfield, Norwood, Stirling, Glenelg, Elizabeth, Port Adelaide, Woodville, Morphett Vale, Burnside, Seaford, or anywhere else, we’ll be there. Adelaide might be only fifth on the list of largest Australian cities, with 1.23 million residents, but that’s still an awful lot of gas fitting jobs that need completing. All you need to do is pick up the phone or click on over to our easy online booking form. It’s that simple!

So, do you do all kinds of gas fitting in Adelaide?

We most certainly do! Jim’s Plumbing only hires the very best plumbers in Adelaide, all of whom are also fully qualified, licensed gasfitters. Adelaide might be the city of churches, but that doesn’t mean it has divine grace from gas fitting problems. With access to every tool they could ever need, and vans stocked with a huge range of spare parts, our extensively trained gas fitting experts are able to take on any repair, installation, commission, conversion, relocation or extension you may need done.

Here are some common jobs we do:

  • Gas leaking Adelaide – if you have a gas leak somewhere, you need to get that looked at straight away by a Jim’s Plumbing Adelaide gas fitting expert. We’re able to have one of our full qualified, licensed gasfitters out to your home or business to get that potentially dangerous gas leak fixed up with no fuss. Your attending Adelaide gas fitting professional will locate the gas leak by testing every centimetre of your gas network, with a manometer. Depending on whether the gas leak was found to be in a gas pipe or a gas appliance, we’ll be able to carry out any repairs or replacements as needed to get your gas back on track and your family or staff safe and sound.
  • Gas BBQ work Adelaide – for any and all work you need done with your gas BBQ, Jim’s Plumbing, your local Adelaide gas fitting professionals, have you covered. Installing and commissioning new gas BBQs, as well as repairing a broken down gas BBQ, relocating an existing one and converting an LPG BBQ to Natural gas (or the opposite), are all things our expert gasfitters can do, here. It doesn’t matter what make or model your gas BBQ happens to be, we’ll be able to have the right person out to you with the right solution for your specific problem.
  • Gas room heaters Adelaide – with our extensive training, skills, tools and range of spare parts, an expert Jim’s Plumbing Adelaide gasfitter will be able to move or repair your current gas log fire, or other variety of gas room heater, when it’s not working as well as it should. No matter what type, brand or model, one of our gas fitting professionals can install and commission a newly purchased unit, as well. For any gas room heater problems in Adelaide, just contact Jim’s Plumbing.
  • Gas water heating Adelaide – if you’re water isn’t heating up in Adelaide, then there’s something wrong with your gas hot water heater. At Jim’s Plumbing, we can help by having one of our Adelaide gas fitting experts install and commission a new gas hot water unit, or else repair your existing one, to give you the best possible results. We will try to repair your broken gas hot water system in the first instance, but sometimes this isn’t possible or worthwhile. A replacement will be the best option, and your attending Jim’s Plumbing Adelaide gas plumber can retrieve and install one of the units we have in our own stock, making our job quicker and less stressful on you.
  • Gas cook tops and ovens Adelaide – for any and all gas fitting work to gas cooking appliances in Adelaide, such as gas stoves, gas ovens and gas hotplates, Jim’s Plumbing is your best bet. Our Adelaide gas fitting experts can install and commission a new gas appliance, fit and connect a new gas hotplate or accessory, and even repair or relocate an existing gas oven or gas stove. It all just depends on what you need done, but you can rest assured your attending Adelaide gasfitter will have the skills, knowhow, tools and parts to do it efficiently and effectively.

So, what types of gas do you work with in Adelaide?

Jim’s Plumbing really is your local, professional gasfitter in Adelaide. For any and all gas problems suffered by the 1.23 million residents of this heavily European influenced city, no matter what type of gas their running, a Jim’s Plumbing Adelaide gas fitting expert will be able to solve it. There are 2 common types of gas used as power sources in Adelaide, and all our professional gasfitters are trained and experienced in carry out any and all possible work with each one.

The 2 gases are:

  • Natural gas Adelaide – Natural gas is essentially a by-product of underground organic matter going through the decomposition process over many years. The raw material gets extracted from its source in large mining fields, then refined into what we know these days a Natural gas. Delivered to properties through an underground network of piping, Natural gas is typically the primary source of gas used. It never runs out and is very cheap to use, but restricted by the extent of a gas pipeline.
  • LPG Adelaide – liquefied petroleum gas, as the acronym LPG stands for, is almost entirely butane mixed with propane, two substances that come from refining petroleum. LP Gas comes in bottles that are most often used for powering outdoor gas appliances like BBQs and patio heaters, or any indoor gas appliances when Natural gas is not used at all. It’s portability and the fact that it doesn’t need a special pipeline makes it very versatile, but it can be more expensive than Natural gas.

So, will you commission my new gas appliance in Adelaide?

Yes, we most certainly will. Whenever a new gas appliance is installed by one of our fully qualified, licensed Adelaide gas fitting experts, it needs to be commissioned before it’s deemed to be working and safe to use. Your attending Jim’s Plumbing Adelaide gasfitter will go through things like the ventilation around the gas appliance, the gas pressure and any fans, making sure their all set up, calibrated, working properly, clean and adequate. We take our job, and your safety, very seriously, so every one of our gas fitting professional in Adelaide will carry out the commissioning checklist after every gas appliance installation to make sure it’s done correctly, in perfect working order and safe for you to use.