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Vulcan Solar Hot Water System With Gas Booster

Vulcan Gas Booster

It was a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon and the plumbers at Jim’s Plumbing were getting ready to pack up for the week when we received a frantic call at the call centre from a customer who had no hot water. They were particularly worried as they had heard about the imminent storm and so wanted to be ready for the week ahead. Luckily they had called the right number on 1300 068 480 as we have plumbers on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.

Our dispatch team had a plumber at the property within an hour. The plumber was out and had a diagnosis to our customers in no time. They looked at the hot water system and found that the solar panel was covered in mould and fungi. The gas booster unit was rusting through and the unit itself had passed its warranty date 4 years ago. It was most certainly time to replace the unit with a brand new one.

Considering that the hot water unit had lasted this long, the customers were quite happy when our plumber offered to replace the hot water unit with almost exactly the same model. The customers accepted the quoted price on the spot and the plumber went to pick a new unit up from the warehouse straightaway.

The particular unit installed was a Vulcan 20 VSI Solar Gas Boosted System. It is basically a solar unit with a storage system on the ground with a continuous flow gas boosted system attached for nights and cloudy days. Hence, the household will never be without hot water while being generously rebated for usage when the solar system is in play.

This unit is an excellent unit with a 5 year warranty nation-wide* and has the capability of storing up to 160 litres of hot water in the storage unit and supplying up to 20 litres per minute to the household. This is perfect for a household with up to 3 bathrooms and usage of up to 4 adults.

Our fully qualified plumber had the hot water unit installed in no time at all. He then proceeded to carry out a safety check on the unit, all the gas lines as well as the water lines. It is our policy that when Jim’s Plumbing attends at a job, we not only leave the customer feeling satisfied, we also ensure that all safety measures are taken care of and all connections are up to regulation standards. Needless to say, we had very happy customers at the end of the job.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service