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Vulcan Hotshot 640135NO Service

We received a phone call this morning from a customer who had a gas hot water system located at her tenanted property. She had been advised by the tenants that there was a lot of water coming from the bottom of the unit. Unable to get to the home, the landlord asked us to go and asses the hot water unit as it may have not had a service in quite some time as the customer only recently bought the property and found a tenant to move in straight away.

Once the booking centre staff took all the relevant billing information of the landlord, we were able to contact the tenant to make a time frame with them when they were free next. As the tenant was free that afternoon, we were able to have a plumber to the home as soon as the tenant was home.

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Upon arrival, the tenant showed the plumber the current unit. It was a Vulcan Hotshot 135L storage system model number 640135NO made in March in 1996, making this unit just over 20 years old. This unit is made by Vulcan and being a storage unit they are meant to drip from the release valve. However, he could see that there was more to the amount of the leaking water than normal. As this hotshot storage system is just over 20 years old, it has done very well for its age as some units struggle anywhere between 13-16 years old.

As the plumber quickly found the faulty part to be a pressure and temperature relief valve or PTR for short. He was then able to call the landlord to provide him with a quote for supply and install the valve. After speaking with the plumber the landlord was more than happy with the price and gave approval to the plumber to replace the required part. With the hotshot 135L unit being made by Vulcan, we are able to carry universal replacement parts like the PTR valve as standard in all our Jim’s Plumbing vans. We find this way we can have the hot water system up and running in a short amount of time without much fuss.

Once the part was installed the system was tested to make sure it was again fully operational. Once the repair was completed the plumber called the landlord to process payment through a credit card or debit card to process through our mobile EFTPOS machine, which was stored in the office with the office staff upon booking.  While on the phone the plumber let the landlord know all the details of the hot water system, he advised the customer that as the system is now 20 years old it may need replacing in the future. When it does come to this we have left a sticker on the current unit with our phone number to give us a call for a free no obligation quote to supply and install a new hot water system.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service