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It was another sunny Sunday afternoon at Jim’s Plumbing.

On duty staff were busy doing stock takes and making sure that all our vans were up to date and fully supplied when we received a frantic call from one of the nearby suburbs in Adelaide. A family of 5 had suddenly stopped receiving hot water from their hot water unit and they were desperate as they had 2 toddlers and a baby on top of having to get ready for the baby’s christening that evening.

Our plumbers rose to the occasion and were dispatched immediately, reaching the customer’s property before the hour was up. Upon arrival, he diagnosed the problem immediately. When he pulled the unit away from the wall, he discovered that due to wear and tear, many of the connections to the hot water system had frayed and were no longer working. It was not surprising considering that the family had been using the same hot water unit for the past 12 years.

Our plumber was able to source the same unit for the customer’s even though it was a Sunday, give the customer an appropriate quote which was accepted on the spot and so he went to work replacing the hot water unit for the family at once. The Vulcan Freeloader was an excellent choice for the family, who considered all their options including affordability, long term needs and eco-friendliness.

Some selling points for this family was the 4 star energy efficiency, 5 year manufacturer warranty* and the fact that the unit was Australian made. The family was also happy to continue using a storage unit as their schedule was quite fixed and it was more efficient for them energy-wise with a storage unit.

It was only a few hours before hot water was running from the taps again. The plumber worked efficiently and precisely to make sure that water was returned to the property as soon as possible. Since he was a holder of a restricted class B electricity license on top of being a fully qualified and licensed plumber and gas fitter, he was able to complete every aspect of the job without waiting for a third party electrician to complete the job. The customers were ecstatic when they discovered that they were able to use hot water again within the same day of calling out plumbers from Jim’s Plumbing. They made sure that they obtained a business card and a magnet with our details on it for next time.

You too can have access to this excellent service simply by calling our office. Plumbers are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No job is ever too much trouble for our plumbers. On top of that we guarantee all our work despite hardly ever having to return to a property once a job is completed. Customers appreciate the peace of mind our policies ensure.


15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service