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Our plumbers all specialise in hot water systems, and they often get calls in regards to hot water system issues.  Our plumbers are highly knowledgeable in a wide range of gas and plumbing services which is very reassuring to our customers. We understand at Jim’s Plumbing the quality of work produced by a tradesman these days can make a customer very wary of booking in for work to be done, which is why at Jim’s Plumbing, we only send out fully qualified plumbers with years of experience.

Vulcan Freeloader 185 Litre Service

During a freezing winter’s day, a customer called through to our call centre in regards to an issue with the hot water system. The customer noticed while rushing to get her washing off of the clothesline before the rain hit, that her hot water system had quite a large amount of excess water pooling around the unit; and upon further investigation, could see that the water was leaking from the temperature and pressure relief valve. This is a safety device which all hot water units are required to have, this is installed for the event where the water becomes too hot or there is too much pressure within the tank and the water is discharged to release pressure.

This can obviously be very worrying for our customers, so we managed to have a plumber to our customer’s home within the hour*. Upon arrival to site, our plumber immediately recognised the hot water system to be a Vulcan Freeloader 185 Litre external hot water system – model number 6921. He noticed a large amount of water pooling around the hot water tank and immediately got to work to resolve the issue before any further damage occurred. After a series of testing what the cause of the leaking temperature and pressure relief valve was, the plumber was able to identify the issue being a faulty relief valve.

Our plumbers are extremely efficient when they work and understand that time is money! So our plumbers always come prepared with a fully stocked van most times. Our plumber was able to simply source the part which was in his van and replace the part on the hot water system on the spot, providing a same day solution* for our customer!

Upon completion of the work, our customer was pleased to find that she had a variety of payment choices, being either cash, cheque or credit (EFTPOS) making the transaction and the entire booking experience simple and immediate so she had one less issue to think about!

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service