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Vulcan Freeloader 185 Litre Replacement

Vulcan Freeloader 185 Litre Gas Storage Hot Water Heater Replacement

Today we attended an interesting job where there were two hot water services standing side-by-side. A Vulcan freeloader gas storage unit and a Dux electric 125 litre electric storage heater. Both were feeding hot water into the house at a residential property. The customer was running out of hot water after only one shower and the current hot water solution was not meeting the family’s needs.

Our plumber has established that the Vulcan freeloader was not working and was leaking water. We’ve determined that what the previous plumber from another company has done was that the existing Vulcan freeloader storage hot water heater was running out of hot water due to the demands of a household family. For some reason, he has added the Dux electric storage heater.

Having two hot water heaters side by side unusual for two reasons:

  1. There are two hot water units rather than the one
  2. One unit is gas and the other is electric

We find this to be a very unusual and poor option. We are unsure of any reasons why the original plumber did not simply add a larger or more energy efficient system. There are far better options than adding a second smaller hot water unit. The best choice would have been to go for a continuous flow heater which does not have a tank, and therefore the customer would never run out of hot water. Also there would be not such an eyesore of large tanks and ugly pipework.

Rather than simply replace this large bulky unit with a like for like tank, we quoted to replace both the Vulcan gas and Dux electric units with one continuous flow Rinnai gas hot water service.

All our plumbers are highly experienced and know that this new Rinnai hot water service is a much better option for the following reasons:

  1. It is a six star energy efficient unit – cheaper to run on an ongoing basis
  2. Small and compact unit that neatly fits on the wall
  3. The household will never run out of hot water. Being a continuous flow hot water unit, it heats the water once a tap is turned on meaning there is no storage tank that can quickly go cold
  4. Maintain just the one unit instead of two – less times the plumbers needs to be called out for a hot water issue because there is less that can go wrong with one unit.

Our plumbers work very hard to provide long term and cost effective solutions for all our customers by looking at the individual household’s circumstances.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service