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Vulcan 250L Electric Storage Electrical Meter Board Issue

Electrical Meter Board Problem: Vulcan 250L Electric Storage Hot Water Tank

We received a phone call this morning from a customer saying they had no hot water and had none since the previous afternoon. As the customer has family that was due to come from interstate to stay with her later that afternoon, she had to have the hot water system up and running before they arrived.

But within only an hour and a half hours we were able to have the Jim’s plumber attend to assess the Vulcan 250 litre electric storage unit.

When we attended to the Vulcan 250L electric storage unit that was not producing hot water, we tested the unit and the element and thermostat were found not to be faulty but was more relating to something on the electrical meter board pictured. We organised our A class electrician to come and find the fault as it was unrelated to the hot water heater.

Our plumbers are able to find any fault and carry most spare parts of Vulcan electric hot water heaters. As this existing unit was only a few years old we’d expect the cylinder to last at least another 5 years as there is no gas at this property replacement down the track will have to be an electrical unit. Which unfortunately means the 5 star gas unit will not be an option.

One of the negatives of having a large electric storage unit like the one shown in the picture, you are having to continually heat 250 litres of water each day whether you use it or not. Also, you have a large bulky tank which is sitting at the back of your home taking up ground area.

However, in electric hot water heaters, we consider Vulcan to be a good name and something we would install. Vulcan is manufactured by Rheem.

Unfortunately for the customer they we not expecting this expense to occur as family members were due to be visiting that afternoon. The customer chose this time around to pay via cheque but could have paid via cash or using a bank card throughout mobile EFTPOS machine located in each of our vans. The EFTPOS machine accepts Visa, Master card, Amex and Diner as well as standard bank cards.

Should the customer need us to replace the unit in the hopefully far future, she was informed of our interest fee terms and conditions, should the issue of replacement comes up at a bad financial time. Our plumber then left the customer with a sticker on the hot water system for a contact number and a handy fridge magnet.

If you find yourself without any hot water and are unsure where the fault lies, please call us today took book an appointment within the hour*!

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15 Years of Service