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We attended a job where a Vulcan 160 Litre storage hot water system was it was spraying water from the cold inlet pipe to the tank. Along with a secondary leak being located within the cylinder and the hot outlet valve not being insulated, the only option unfortunately, was a replacement.

Given the large 160 litre capacity of the old unit, we advised the client that their best option was to change to a continuous flow hot water system or often referred to as instant hot water system, as it has far more advantages than that of a storage hot water system that is continually maintaining 160 Litres of hot water.

With the new continuous flow unit, the water is heated by gas, but only when required so there are no costs or energy wasted to heat unused hot water. Another main advantage of the continuous flow hot water system is that -referring to the name of the unit – you will never run out of hot water as the heater heats the water each time the hot tap is turned on and does not rely on a reservoir of hot water such as the older storage tank; creating a continuous flow of hot water.

A continuous flow can also utilise an electric ignition, it does not have a pilot light where you are wasting gas or on windy days having to relight the pilot light, which is a very common issue our plumbers at Jim’s Plumbing face. We often find the continuous flow requires far less maintenance as they do not have parts such as relief valves which require replacements every 5 years. Continuous flow hot water system is a far smaller compact unit which requires less space and is much more aesthetically pleasing for our customers.

At Jim’s Plumbing we always have our customer’s best interest at heart and we are continuously looking at ways we can improve their current position in regards to plumbing. So whether you have an issue with your hot water service, a leaking tap or continuously running toilet, give Jim’s Plumbing a call and book in a plumber today!

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service