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A customer’s Vulcan storage system was installed in 2000 by another plumbing firm in Victoria. The system was installed on the customers own research, as it met their requirements at the time. The unit, on a cold winter morning, completely stopped producing hot water leaving the customer stuck with only cold water for their morning shower.

Frustrated by this, a call was made to Jim’s Plumbing for some help. Promptly, a plumber was sent to the property to begin diagnosing the potential problem with the unit. It was soon found that the hot water system had worn out and rusted through on the bottom of the cylinder, causing the pilot light and main burner to be extinguished. The customer was shown the problem and given several different options for replacement, among the most recommended being an instant hot water system. The customer was unaware that the option for an instantaneous system was even a possibility as the property was running on propane gas bottles, due to no mains gas lines nearby.

The plumber strongly recommended installing a Chromagen Eternity T20 instantaneous system as it was a far more efficient system with a 6 star energy rating, was able to provide a strong 20 litre per minute flow of hot water and, but most of all was able to be fuelled by propane gas, meaning the customer did not need to stress about changing to another fuel supply.

The quote was accepted by the customer and work begun straight away. The gas lines were upgraded to accommodate the new system as well as all relevant water line pipework. A 240 power outlet was arranged by Jim’s Plumbing for the electronic ignition on the T20 system, which was included in the quoted price and also the removal of the old Vulcan system.

Once the unit was installed, the gas line was purged of any remaining air and pipework was connected. The system was then tested while the plumber was on site in case any faults arose. A gas certificate of compliance was issued by the fully qualified plumber, and the job was complete! The customer was overjoyed that they now had a strong, reliable source of hot water for a much less than expected price and also that the installed unit was incredibly more economical than the old Vulcan storage system, due to the fact they were not heating water that wasn’t being used.

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15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service