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Vulcan 135L #641135N0 Natural Gas Manufactured 2012

A new customer contacted the offices at Jim’s Plumbing today because her Vulcan gas hot water system was not producing any hot water. She was very concerned as the unit was only manufactured in 2012 so, it wasn’t very old. Our understanding bookings team were able to organise to have a plumber dispatched straight away and he was able to arrive at the customer’s property within the hour*.

The customer was very thankful as she had called a few different plumbing companies before us and was advised that she would not be able to get someone out for at least a few days. Once the plumber was onsite he was able to inspect the unit to see what the issue was. He found that the thermocouple had failed and needed to be replaced – which was the reason the system was not producing any hot water.

The customer was glad that it was repairable as she had been concerned that it was a more serious issue that would warrant the whole unit to be replaced.  She happily advised the plumber to go ahead and replace the thermocouple – as the plumber had spare parts in the van. One of the great things about Jim’s Plumbing is that our vans are always fully stocked with basic parts – this makes the service time much more efficient and eliminates a lot of time when on jobs – making things much more convenient for our customers.

All of our plumbers are fully qualified with years of experience and are also employed directly through the company. This gives our customers peace of mind as it means that we also warranty the workmanship of our plumbers. Once the plumber had completed the work he ensured that he tidied up the area before he left the site. He also left a sticker on the customer’s hot water system – just in case there are any issues in the future.

As part of our service, the customer service team contacted the customer soon after the plumber had left just to ensure that she was satisfied with the work that was done and to take on any feedback. After all, we are always looking for new ways to improve our services.  The customer advised that she was so happy to be able to get a plumber so quickly. Not having hot water is something that the customer needs fixing straight away!  She also advised that the plumber was very professional and that she will happily use our services in the future.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service