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Thermann 26 Gas Continuous Flow System Installation

Jim’s Plumbing Thermann 26 Gas Continuous Flow System Installation

A new customer contacted the offices at Jim’s Plumbing early last week as they had a newly built property and they were needing a new hot water system supplied and installed last minute as their initial plans had been changed after the home was built. The friendly bookings team were able to get in contact with the dispatch team and send out a plumber within the hour* of their call.

The customer had already decided on which unit they were after. They initially were interested in getting a gas boosted solar hot water unit but decided that a instant hot water system/continuous flow would better suit their needs. The plumber was able to check the connections that had been made for the hot water service and make sure all the pipework was positioned correctly. He was then able to provide a fixed quote for the supply and installation of the Thermann 26 Gas Continuous Flow System that the customer had requested.

This system is great for large families as the hot water will never run out. This continuous system also has a quality guarantee and comes with a 12 year manufacturer warranty on the heat exchanger.

The plumber was able to advise the customer of our 12 month interest free terms* that are applicable for our fixed quotes. The customer was happy to pay outright as we do have EFTPOS facilities available in all of our vans, but they were glad to know that this option was also available to them if they needed it.

Our plumber went ahead straight away and installed the brand new unit for the customer, he also ensured that he also tidied up the area so there was no mess or materials left. While the plumber was on site doing the installation, the customer mentioned that he was looking to have a gas BBQ installation connected up to the gas line in the outdoor entertainment area. The plumber was able to do this for the customer while he was still on site.

The great thing about Jim’s Plumbing is that all of our plumbers are also fully qualified gas fitters – meaning they are much more flexible with the work that they are able to do.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service