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Successful Repair of Eternity T26 Solar Booster

Successful Repair of Eternity T26 Solar Booster

Last Friday we attended an interesting job in the heart of one of Australia’s capital cities. The customer had been experiencing disappointing, lukewarm showers for almost a week now. However, the problem had come to a head that morning when his girlfriend had informed him that this was the last time she would endure another unpleasant shower. Either the hot water problem was fixed by the time she got home from work that day or she was leaving!

This spurred the customer into action and our call centre received a frantic call begging for one of our plumbers to attend as soon as possible! Fortunately, one of our hot water experts was on standby in the area and he was able to be onsite within the hour to investigate the issue at hand.

Upon arrival at the property, our plumber discovered that the hot water tank was supplied by the solar panels located on the roof of the property. However, due to the poor weather that we have been experiencing over the past few weeks, the panels had been rendered ineffective.

It is for situations such as this that this solar system is fitted with a Chromagen Eternity T26 gas hot water booster. This system should detect that the temperature in the tank is not hot, and heat the water until there is sufficient sunlight for use by the panels.

However, it was apparent that this was not happening and as such the plumber embarked on a series of tests of the Eternity unit. It was a simple matter of the plumber having to reset the electronics, and it immediately fired up and started heating the water in the tank!

The Eternity T26 is commonly used as a gas booster with Chromagen solar hot water systems as they are normally a reliable back up source of hot water. Whilst the system failed in this case, now it has been correctly set up the customer should have a reliable source of hot water for years to come.

When our customer service team contacted the customer to ensure that he was happy with the work that had been completed.

He raved about the high quality of the plumber’s work and was happy to report that his relationship with his girlfriend had never been better since the speedy reinstatement of hot water!

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