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Rinnai V1200 Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Unit Replacement

Our customer service team received a worried call early this morning from a customer who had no hot water for her morning shower. Our understanding team were quickly able to respond and send out one of our hot water specialists to diagnose the problem with her Rinnai V1200 hot water heater.

The plumber was dispatched straight away and arrived at the customer’s property within the hour* to see how he could help. After examination, he diagnosed that there was no option other than to replace the unit, as it was unfortunately beyond repair.

The V1200 system that the customer had we are no longer able to source, however, a Rinnai 20 was installed in its place with ease as the connections are in exactly the same position. The customer was very happy with our prompt service, which is one of the many advantages of using companies such as Jim’s Plumbing.

We were able to offer the customer our interest free terms** on the new hot water system as we understand this is often unforeseen. However, the customer elected to pay by Visa, which was as simple as swiping the customer’s card. Each and every one of our vans are fitted with a mobile EFTPOS machine and computers to save job information to ensure we are giving our customers an informative invoice.

This particular unit that Rinnai offers is popular amongst our customers. It offers a high energy rating of 6.1 which not only saves the customer money on its usage but also is effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring a lower impact is made to our environment.

The precise temperature control feature on the Rinnai 20 enables the customer to change the temperature to suit their needs and have better control over how they can safely use their hot water.

Another one of the many benefits of the continuous flow system is the way it heats the water. You may find that the standard storage hot water tanks will readily heat a large amount of water that is constantly ready to go. Whereas the smaller Rinnai 20 works by heating water as it is used, directly through the heat coils in the system itself.

The manufacturer recommends that this unit can supply between a 1-2 bathroom home. The heating coils, which is called a heat exchanger comes with a 12 year warranty.

On completion of the installation, the plumber tested the new Rinnai 20 and issued the customer with a certificate of compliance. This is a certificate stating that everything is sound, and has been installed to our current regulations.

The plumber took the old Rinnai V1200 with him and any associated rubbish and materials so the customer’s house was left neat and tidy and they were able to have full access to their brand new – more efficient hot water system.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service