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Rinnai Sunmaster Solar Pump Replacement

Replace Rinnai Sunmaster Solar Pump System

Today the qualified plumber from Jim’s Plumbing attended to a customer’s house at their preferred time in the late afternoon when they advised the call centre staff that they were not receiving hot water through any of the taps in their house.

In testing of the hot water system, it was found that the solar pump was not working and required replacement. We purchased this from one of our suppliers, returned back to the house and installed it on their Rinnai Sunmaster unit right away. The problem the customer was experiencing was that the water was not being pushed between the pump and the panels which were located on the roof. Shortly after the plumber had completed the work, the customers had the hot water back on and were able to use it. Other problems that can occur with this unit is that it can leak from the unit or the panels, which causes a stoppage in the production of hot water. So if this ever occurs, it is best to call a qualified hot water technician such as one from Jim’s Plumbing.

The Sunmaster solar range is made affordable for families on a budget and is specifically designed to take all of the suns energy and apply it to the hot water. It is environmentally friendly and has 3 types of units. There are the flat plate systems, closed couple systems and evacuated tube systems. These systems can store from 175L of hot water to 315L. They also come in an electric boosted system or continuous flow gas boosted system.  It has a 5 year warranty on the tank and 7 years on the collectors and is also available with a frost protection kit. This unit suits any family home with 1- 2 bathrooms.

If you are experiencing any issues with the panels on your single story roof, our qualified plumbers carry the safety equipment to be able to go on to the roof, indicating the issue and repair it for you professionally and efficiently. Any other issues that may require parts to replace is not a problem for us either as our vans are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and parts!

Call Jim’s Plumbing for any of your hot water service needs!

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service