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Rinnai Hot Flo Gas Storage Replacement

Jim’s Plumbing Rinnai Hot Flo Gas Storage Replacement

A new customer called us today as she has had ongoing issues with her Rinnai Hot Flo Gas hot water system and leaking washer taps around the house. She needed someone straight away as her gas hot water system had been spitting hot water everywhere outside and she had small children and was concerned about the family’s safety.

Our understanding bookings team organised a local plumber to be sent out, and we were able to get the plumber to their home within an hour of their phone call. The plumber first inspected the hot water unit which was unfortunately not repairable as it was very old.

The customer had already been looking around online and suggested that they would like a new outdoor storage unit. The customer discussed this with the plumber who advised them of their different options and the customer opted to install a Rinnai Medium Storage Gas unit which has the same storage capacity as the old system. They also opted to utilize our interest free terms* as they didn’t wish to go ahead and pay the full amount of the new hot water system up front.

The plumber was able to go ahead immediately and take out the old system and install the new one, they left a sticker on the system as well so they always have an emergency contact number just in case anything was to happen.

Once the plumber had finished he was able to tidy up and take away the old unit. The customer also showed him the locations in the home where there had been several leaking washers which the plumber was able to change while he was there.

Once the plumber had left our customer service team contacted them to make sure that they were 100% happy with our service and to get some feedback. The customer was very surprised as she had been told by friends that she wasn’t going to be able to get a plumber out as fast as what she needed, but she advised that we truly exceeded her expectations with our fast service and friendly plumber. This made her feel valued and she advised that she will gladly recommend our services.

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15 Years of Service