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Rinnai Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water Unit Repaired

Today one of our plumbers was given the opportunity to work on a Rinnai gas boosted solar hot water system belonging to one of our long-time customers. We had serviced the drains on this customer’s property for years, however, due to the reliability of the Rinnai gas boosted solar hot water heater, the necessity to work on this unit had not arisen in the past.

Our plumber was able to quickly repair this unit, arriving at the property in less than an hour from the time that the customer made contact with our head office. We are pleased to report that our customer was once again over the moon with the service that our plumber could provide! The Rinnai gas boosted solar hot water unit is a favourite amongst customers and plumbers alike.

This is because this system is so effective, harnessing both the energy of the sun using state of the art panels and covering all of its bases with the gas booster unit to ensure the customer is never left without hot water on days in which cloud cover is high and solar radiation is low.

Whilst the panels of this unit are situated on the roof of the property, in the optimal position to take advantage of the sun’s rays, the tank itself and its gas booster is located on the ground. This is what is called a ground-mounted tank, and it has the advantage of freeing the roof of the property from supporting the burden of the heavy tank, which can weigh a significant amount when it is full to the brim with steaming hot water. From a safety perspective, it is also easier for the tank to be maintained and repaired when situated on the ground rather than upon the roof where the panels reside.

The Rinnai gas boosted solar hot water system also comes with the reassurance that it is covered under an amazing 12 year warranty on heat exchanger in domestic applications. If you are using this system in a commercial application it still attracts a 5 year warranty on the heat exchanger, which is incredibly competitive with other offers. The Rinnai solar booster is easy to use, given that it is pre-set to 70 degrees Celsius with a flow rate of 16L/min. The system can produce a water pressure of up to 1000kPa and has a minimum pressure of just 160kPa. This solar booster is also aesthetically pleasing, as it is small, symmetric and dune in colour and fits well into the tank as is shown above.

If you require assistance with your Rinnai gas boosted solar hot water unit, the team at Jim’s plumbing would be pleased to help you. Contact our office today!

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service