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Rinnai Closed Coupled Solar Hot Water System Replacement

Rinnai Closed Coupled Solar Hot Water Replacement due to Leaking Tank and Solar Panel

Today we came across a Rinnai solar hot water heater on the roof of a property belonging to one of our loyal customers. This particular style of unit is known as a closed couple system due to the tank and the panels both being located on the roof.

This is particularly convenient in homes where there is limited space available, or when the customer prefers to have their hot water out of the line of sight. On inspection of the unit it was determined that both the tank and the panels were leaking quite dramatically. Our plumber rapidly determined that a replacement would be required. As such, this 330L unit was quoted to be replaced completely and the customer accepted our quote and utilised our interest free terms**.

As it was still quite early in the morning when the quote was accepted, we were able to arrange for the unit to be installed in the afternoon so that the customer would have hot water by that evening. Our plumber raced to source the unit and installed it at record breaking speed to ensure that this promise would be fulfilled. The customer was absolutely delighted at the outcome and reported back that it was the warmest and most relaxing shower that he had had in years!

The Rinnai solar unit that we installed today was from the Rinnai Prestige Solar range, which meant it came with a amazing 10 year warranty on its tank as well as 7 years on the collectors (which are the panels).

The customer had advised the plumber that durability and peace of mind were important to him, and as such we were confident that this unit would be suitable. Another advantage of the Rinnai solar unit is that both the tank and solar panels are actually made in Australia and not imported from overseas.

This means that you can be confident in their quality whilst supporting Australian businesses and the economy. As the Rinnai solar units come in both gas boosted and electric boosted, we replaced the unit with a system K 330L unit with electric boost. The electric boost consists of an element and thermostat so that on days and periods where there is no solar gain, the customer will still have hot water as the thermostat will detect the water temperature is not at the required setting and therefore heat the water.This is particularly important as it means that the customer will not be left with lukewarm water on chilly winter or overcast mornings.

If you have a Rinnai Closed Coupled Solar System that needs repairing or replacing contact Jim’s Plumbing┬átoday. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week around Australia and can assist you with all of your hot water needs.

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15 Years of Service