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A few days ago, one of our valued customers called Jim’s Plumbing line as they were experiencing fluctuation in the temperature of their recently installed Rinnai B20 instant hot water service. The customer had gotten a family member who was a plumber to install this system for them some time ago, and all was well until recently. The customer was dispatched a plumber promptly and within an hour, had someone knocking on the door ready to help! The customer began explaining the situation to the plumber, stipulating the installation and problems. Armed with this information, the plumber set about diagnosis and repairs of the B20 system.

After carefully inspecting the unit itself only to find no faults anywhere, the plumber then began to look elsewhere for the answer. The gas supply line and flow rate were both checked and again no problems were found also the temperature adjustment was checked, this was set to the factory setting of 60C.

The last thing to check was the water supply to the system and the pressure. The B20 requires a minimum water pressure supply of 160 kpa from the mains line, and when the pressure was tested, the supply was down to approximately 145 kpa. It was later discovered that a pressure limiting valve had been fitted to the line feeding the B20 system. This was a necessity as the property’s total water pressure was very high in the area.

This limiting valve was inspected by our fully qualified plumber and was found to be adjustable. The plumber had also advised the customer that the valve was set well below the level required for a standard household and to their surprise, had no idea of this as they had known no different, believing this was just how it was.

The plumber then raised the water pressure to 500 kpa, which is perfect for all household appliances such as washers, dishwashers and hot water systems. This small adjustment made by the plumber was the key to the customer’s problems as the water pressure was now within the manufactures specifications. The pressure allowed the unit to function correctly without needing to disengage constantly to prevent burning out. This was the cause of the problem and thanks to the knowledge and experience of the fully qualified Jim’s plumber, was able to be sorted out and a fully working Rinnai system restored to the customer for use.

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15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service