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Rinnai B20 instantaneous gas hot water system, Model # VR2024WG-AK

Rinnai B20 gas Instantaneous Unit Made Good As New

Jim’s Plumbing’s customer service centre received a call earlier this week from a couple regarding their continuous flow gas hot water system. They were finding that the water temperature would work fine, but occasionally would fluctuate to cold or boiling. They said it was a minor nuisance in the past but have a small child who is getting older and this nuisance will turn into a major hazard.

The customer had a day off work and we had a plumber already in the area so we could get out there straight away. The customer was very happy as he had a plumber organised already, they were a 3-day wait though and they wanted this done now.

Our plumber arrived on site before lunchtime and inspected the unit. He found it to be a Rinnai B20 instantaneous gas hot water system, Model # VR2024WG-AK, quite a popular unit at its time of release. The system was in good condition but the house was quite an old estate, anywhere between 60 and 70 years old. The pipes in the house were still working but were not designed to house a unit like this.

There were two solutions, rip out all of the old pipework and redo the entire house with new piping, or install a temperature controller. As you can imagine, the latter was a much more appealing option. The plumber gave them a quote and they agreed immediately. He had a spare controller in his van also so he did not need to leave the site, he could begin work straight away.

Within the hour, the work was all completed, the site cleaned from any debris and the paperwork filled out and handed over. They now had control over the temperature at all times and were so grateful. Knowing that their toddler can use the taps without any risk of severe burns and showers could be had comfortably without rapid temperature changes. With all this being completed a few hours after the initial call, it’s safe to say Jim’s Plumbing has now gained another lifelong customer.

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15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service