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Rinnai B20 Gas Continuous Flow Not Working

Early on a Sunday afternoon, we received a call from one of our existing customers where we had unblocked some drains. They advised that their existing Rinnai B20 gas continuous flow hot water heater was not working.

As we had one of our plumbers only 4 streets over having his lunch we were able to have him at their property in a short 35 minutes.

Obviously, like any customer, they were ecstatic with such excellent service. Our plumbing and gas tech also quickly and promptly solved the issue. The Jim’s plumber discussed with the client the operation and advantages of the hot water system they have as in our opinion the Rinnai B20 is one of the better more reliable hot water systems on the market today. We placed one of our stickers on the front of the hot water system so that the customer would be able to reach us easily with any further problems in future.

We consider ourselves one of the larger companies operating and are therefore able to give prompt service. As a result, we have our customers using us time and time again such as outlined in this particular job. This repeat client also found making a payment absolutely simple as they were able to pay via a mobile EFTPOS machine. A tax invoice was produced from the van’s state of the art computer system.

Just to ensure that they were 100 % satisfied and they had received value for money, one of our customer service staff rang to collect feedback from the client the next day.

The Rinnai builder series have an energy star rating of 5.9. The B20 model comes in both natural and LPG with the option of having 50 or 60-degree hot water delivery temperature. These small compact units are commonly used because of its small size and heat water up continually whether it is being used or not. There will no longer be problems with pilot lights blowing out as it has an electric ignition that ignites when a hot water tap is turned on. With the Rinnai B20, you’ll never run out of hot water as it heats the water when the hot tap is turned on and will continue to do so until the tap is turned off.

Furthermore, there is a 10 year warranty on the heat exchange. This is where the hot water is heated form the burners before it goes to the tap outlets.

How does a B20 continuous flow system work you say? Well when you use your water tap, cold water travels through piping and into the unit. The unit then heats the water using either a gas burner or electric element. That way you have a constant supply of hot water without the necessity of a storage tank.

If you are need of assistance with your current Rinnai B20 system, please give Jim’s Plumbing a call today! We are able to take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service