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Rinnai 26i Gas Internal Hot Water System Service

Over the weekend at Jim’s Plumbing, we had a call to attend to a nearby area from a customer who had another plumbing company come to install a Rinnai 26i internal hot water system, which was no longer getting hot enough.

In talking with the customer we were told that they previously had a gas storage unit that was located in a different position and since having this Rinnai unit installed the temperature has always been an issue as the temperature did not reach as hot as the previous storage unit did.

This very quickly became obvious to our experiences plumber that the old storage unit would have been set at 60-70 degrees temperature which is enough to potentially scald our customers.

As the previous plumber moved the position of where the new continuous flow system is, due to new plumbing regulations they have had to install a 50 degree Rinnai unit. There is a big difference between water temperatures between 50 degrees to 60-70 degrees, which is the difference the customer has noticed.

In this situation, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done as it is against plumbing and gas safety regulations to increase the temperatures on the hot water system, it is in the customer’s best interest for our plumber to not go against these regulations to prevent any dangerous circumstances.

The previous plumber was obliged to install this 50 degree unit as he has put the heater in a new position due to the hot water heater also feeding an extra bathroom that is recently been installed. Unfortunately, due to regulations there was nothing we could do for the customer today as increasing the water temperature in this situation is not an option.

This Rinnai continuous flow hot water unit is designed to be installed inside of a building and not externally. The difference between an internal Rinnai 26i and an external Rinnai 26 is the ability for the Rinnai 26i will flue through a pipe externally, often through the roof where an external Rinnai 26 emits the CO2 and gases from the front of the unit where due to it not being in a confined space is able to disperse. These units are fantastically energy efficient with a 6.1 star energy rating and a 12 year warranty* on the heat exchanger which acts as a tank within the hot water unit. These units have the advantage of temperature control, installation technology and are safe and convenient for our customers.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service