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Rinnai 26 REU 2426WS-AK Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water System

This solar/gas combo unit from Rinnai¬†is quite a commonly chosen system for customers who would like to take advantage of the sun’s rays for the purposes of water heating. This 26 unit, in particular, had been installed recently within the last 5 years, but unfortunately had developed a fault in which hot water was not being delivered to the household.

A call was made to Jim’s Plumbing in the early hours of a weekday morning, from a customer who began work before the sun rose, and had just fired up the system for a morning shower. The customer informed us that there is usually a slight delay when starting the hot water flow when it is cold outside and the sun is not shining, but this time he waited for several minutes with the hot tap fully open, with nothing but freezing cold water being delivered.

Within an hour, our after hours plumber was quickly dispatched to the customer’s residence to find the cause of this hot water outage. The plumber began to diagnose the problem, testing both the solar reticulation pump and the gas booster attached to the cylindrical pump system. After the solar side of the unit had been given the all clear, a fault was detected with the water temperature sensor on the instantaneous booster system.

The customer had suspected such an issue, as he couldn’t believe the system had developed a catastrophic fault so early in its life. The problem was clearly explained and shown to the customer in detail, the cause of the faulty temperature sensor – rust from a gutter leaking water constantly on the unit over time.

The plumber was able to replace this part for the customer on site, as our vans are stocked to service up to 95% of all maintenance jobs. The process was very simple to accomplish, with the old temp sensor being removable and easily accessible which made the replacement quite easy to do.

Within 40 minutes of the plumber being onsite, the hot water service was restored to full working order and the customer was able to take a hot shower all before the sun came up! This was thanks to Jim’s plumbers being available around the clock for these such emergencies, and also due to the extensive knowledge possessed by our fully qualified and licensed plumber.

No Interest Ever!** payment plan options are available on hot water heater replacements to help ease any financial stress this burden may cause. If your hot water heater is leaking, or you have no hot water, we can often have a plumber to you within the hour*.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service