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Rinnai 250L Electric Hot Water Heater Model No: E250S36

Rinnai 250L Electric Hot Water Heater

Rinnai is a hot water system brand that we frequently repair and install. In the market, we normally expect to see Rinnai as gas continuous flow units, so it was surprising today to come across a Rinnai electric 250 litre storage hot water heater, as it is a unit that is not very common.

This particular Rinnai 250 litre electric hot water heater was producing cold water from the hot taps. In analysing and testing the unit, the plumber found that the element and thermostat required replacing.

In removing the element from the tank, he found there was an obvious split on the copper coating of the element that allowed water to leak, causing the hot water service to short out. The plumber drained the cylinder of water and installed a new element and thermostat and tested with his multimeter to ensure that there was a full electric circuit.

Jim’s Plumbing Can Repair Rinnai Systems

All our vans are well-stocked and carry all the parts and materials to repair these Rinnai 250 litre storage hot water services, including thermostats and elements. The customer did not have to wait for the plumber to source these parts from the supplier.

When the plumber left the heater was already in its heating cycle so within two hours the customer would have had hot water working throughout the house.

All Jim’s Plumbing staff, including our plumbers, work together to make sure a plumber attends to your plumbing issue quickly and that your job is completed correctly the first time and to the highest standard.

We have phone operators and plumbers that work around the clock, 365 days a year so that a plumber arrives at your door at the time that the plumbing issue is resolved in the shortest amount of time possible, rather than you having to put up with a lingering issue.

All our plumbers are highly experienced and know what they are doing. Our plumbers are more than happy to answer and explain any plumbing queries you may have – after all, it is your house!

We take pride in the job at hand and in everything we do, including ensuring we clean up any mess that may have been made at your property. We think it is important to make sure our vans are clean and tidy with everything being easily found and readily available. We consider it highly important to show professionalism, including having a plumber in uniform turn up to your house.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service