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Rinnai 24 REU-2424W-A Replacement

Jim’s Plumbing Can Carry Out Rinnai 24 REU-2424W-A Replacements

Just after 10am this morning we received a call from one of our repeat customers. She told out call centre staff that her hot water system just didn’t seem quite right and that on our last visit we had installed a brand new toilet and fixed some old and leaking taps, so she was happy for us to be able to come and asses her hot water unit.

As we had a plumber finishing up on his last job, we were able to have our qualified gasfitter and plumber from Jim’s Plumbing to the property within an hour and a half of the customer contacting us on 1300 068 480.

Upon inspecting the unit, the plumber found that Rinnai 24 REU-2424W-A was made between 1995 and 2002, being made obsolete in April of 2013. This unit was hard to get an exact age on as the customer did not have a manual of any kind and on the compliance plate picture had no date provided. As this system was at least 14 years old and was showing signs of being in need of replacement, the customer was given a free no obligation quote for us to supply and install a new hot water system.

The customer accepted the quote and was very happy that she could use of interest free terms and was approved in minutes*subject to approved applications. As the customer already had us attending at the property for the hot water system, she had the plumber install a dual shower she had purchased from Bunnings recently, as seen in the photo shown.

The photos shown are of the Rinnai 24 continuous flow hot water heater that was replaced. It is a Rinnai Japanese made hot water heater and is an older model as you can clearly see. We reinstalled exactly the same unit, however, the with the existing later versions, they did not have the hot pipework insulated. So with the installation of the new unit we were able to make sure the pipework and hot water unit were installed to meet current regulations.

The Rinnai 24 continuous flow has many advantages. Along with its 6.1 star energy rating which gives you highly efficient low running costs and has low gas emissions which will save you money as well as the environment, it has a precise temperature control for safety and connivance, as well as it compact design and external installation, making it efficient in space saving without compromising in power and providing easy when the unit requires servicing.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service