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Rheemglas 90 Litre Gas Storage Unit

Rheemglas 90 Litre Gas Storage Unit Repairs

Today Jim’s Plumbing was called out to a property as the customer suspected that their gas hot water system had a severe gas leak as they could smell it quite a distance away from the system and it was very strong when close to it. This was quite an urgent matter as a severe gas leak can be very hazardous so we got a plumber out to them within an hour’s time.

The plumber arrived promptly on site and began to inspect the unit. The 90 litre Rheem unit looked in good condition but there was evidence of some corrosion on the tank as well as the pipework. In this instance, there really is not much that can be done besides replacing the whole thing. The plumber gave them a no obligation quote regarding replacing the unit and the pipes that have split. The plumber left and went to his next job while the customer considered their next steps.

The customer called back about an hour later. He said he had to rearrange some finances but would like to go ahead as soon as we can. Luckily the quoting plumber had recently finished a job and was still in the area. So as the customer accepted the quote, we had the plumber head straight over to start the job. He removed the old system and the pipework that was irreparable.

Having already picked up the new unit, he went about installation straight away also. The plumber and the customer decided that the best option for this growing household would be an instantaneous unit. The 90 litre Rheem worked fine when it was just the couple but with a family growing, hot water on demand is going to be a much larger priority.

A few hours later and the whole job was completed. The old unit was to be disposed of by the plumber and the new unit began heating almost immediately. No more gas leaks could be located and the house would have constant hot water by this evening.

The customer received a call later that day from our customer service manager. We wanted to follow up to make sure the job was one to their satisfaction and no more issues have come up. The customer reported the gas smell has completely dissipated and the system was supplying hot water to the home not long after installation.

The fully qualified plumbers we have at Jim’s Plumbing are hot water system specialists, with knowledge to repair all makes and models, or what will make a suitable replacement if there is no option to repair. If you are experiencing a loss in hot water, a drop in water pressure, you can smell gas or anything that indicates your hot water system is not working the way it should, call Jim’s Plumbing and let us help you.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service