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Rheemglas 50 Litre Storage Hot Water System 191050R7

Repeat Customers

A repeat Jim’s Plumbing customer called us today , having used us numerous times in their previous house for any and all jobs including but not limited to, dishwasher installation, connecting up a fridge and leaking taps. They had just moved into a new property and found they did not have nearly enough hot water, they advised us the hot water system was very small and they were a 4 person household and wanted a brand new one installed by us.

Old Rheemglas 50 Litre Storage Hot Water System 191050R7

We organised a time frame that best suited our customer to attend. Upon arrival we found this Rheemglas Electric 50 litre hot water system installed. These systems are normally used where not a lot of hot water is needed and there is only a small amount of space available such as offices or canteens, so it was rare to find one installed for a house.

After a discussion with the customer on their hot water needs and what they had installed at their previous house, we were able to give our customer a quote for the supply and install of an AquaMAX 315 litre electric stainless steel storage hot water system.

Our customer was more than happy with the quote provided and asked that we get started as they wanted more hot water as soon as possible to which we gladly obliged. We offered our customer with an interest free payment plan* for the new hot water system, which they accepted and we were able to organise on the same day they got to work with the installation of a new system.

This new AquaMAX 315 litre storage system is suited for households of 4-6 people or for 2+ bathrooms. AquaMAX claims that it exceeds the minimum energy performance standards by about 21%. The benefits of a stainless steel system is no anode is required to prevent corrosion, meaning one less part that will need to be replaced over time. These units range anywhere from 80 litres to 315 litres so there is a system the will benefit you! With a full 10 year cylinder warranty and a 1 year warranty on all other parts and labour.

AquaMAX is also a well-known Australian brand so you have comfort in knowing they will be around for the time of your warranty, and parts will be easy to find in the future if required.

It didn’t take long for our plumber to complete this supply and install and our customer had hot water running that afternoon!

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service