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Rheem Twin Element Electric Storage Unit Repaired by Jims Plumbing

Rheem twin element electric storage unit repaired in a flash by Jim’s Plumbing

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to demonstrate to a first time customer why Jim’s Plumbing really is a cut above the rest when it comes to hot water repair and replacement. Our call centre received a frantic call early on a Sunday morning from a customer on the outskirts of one of Australia’s capital cities.

She explained tearfully to the call centre operator that her local plumber was not answering his phone and she desperately needed assistance with her Rheem 315L twin element electric hot water system. The problem had been first discovered by her eldest daughter who had been preparing for a day out at the local pony club. When she turned the shower on at 6am, the water was freezing cold and screams echoed throughout the home waking the customer’s remaining three young children!

The only silver lining was that the customer’s husband was away on business and as such as not disturbed by the commotion. Fortunately, one of our expert plumbers was in the area and could be onsite to assist the customer within an hour of her call for help! The customer was so impressed by the speed of the service and the level of competency that the plumber showed. When she received a call from our customer service team on completion to make sure that she was happy with the work…

She proclaimed that she would always use Jim’s Plumbing for her plumbing needs in the future, and would recount the details of her positive experience to all of her friends!

The customer’s large Rheem 315L twin element electric hot water system is depicted above. This system is designed with households with large families in mind, due to the immense amount of hot water it is capable of producing. Not only does the system have a large 315L capacity tank, but it also has a second element at the top.

Which works on a day rate of the power supply so that there is always hot water in the tank, even when demand is high. The lower element on the tank is on a night rate, which heats in the night time when the energy provider offers cheaper electricity rates to its consumers.

The advantage of a twin element is that the customer receives approximately 315L of hot water which is heated each night at a cheaper rate. However when demand is high, and water consumption is greater, the top element will start heating during the day. Heating the top section of the tank with water so that there is always hot water.

We come across these Rheem units from time to time, and they are usually installed when there is no gas available to the property, and as such, there is not the option of having continuous flow gas. From the picture shown, you can also see that it comes in handy as a shelf! The customer has used the system to store a watering can, a small broom and other artefacts.

If you require assistance with your Rheem 315L twin element electric hot water system…

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15 Years of Service