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Rheem Stellar Gas Hot Water Service

Jim’s Plumbing Rheem Stellar Gas Hot Water Service

One of our valued long-time customers contacted the offices of Jim’s Plumbing today as her Rheem Stellar hot water system was leaking and she was very concerned about this so she requested a plumber to attend straight away. Our bookings team understand that there can often be emergencies such as these so they were able to get in contact with our dispatcher and organise to have one of our local Jim’s Plumbers sent out to her within the hour*.

The plumber was advised of the issue via his on-board computer system,which alerts the plumbers of new jobs with additional job detail notes, so they can come prepared. The plumber arrived on site and the customer was able to show him where it was located. The plumber could see straight away that the cylinder had split. The customer had kept all of her warranty details from the manufacturer and found that the cylinder was only just still within the warranty period so she was very happy that she knew this would be covered. The plumber was able to turn off the water mains for her so that she could contact the manufacturer to arrange for this to be fixed.

While the plumber was on site the customer advised that she had an issue with her kitchen mixer tap that had become loose at the base and thought she would get the plumber to check this before he left. Once the plumber had completed the work and left site our friendly customer service team were able to contact the customer just to make sure everything went well with the plumber and to make sure they were happy with the service. The customer advised she was very happy with how professional the plumber was and how efficiently he worked to try and get things fixed up for her. She advised that he made her feel at ease and like he wanted to do everything he could to help her out which she really appreciated. The customer advised that she would definitely use our services again and would happily recommend us to family and friends as well.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service