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Rheem Stellar 130 Litre

Rheem Stellar 130 Litre

One afternoon at Jim’s Plumbing, we received a call from a relatively aggravated and stressed out customer who could not get their Rheem Stellar gas 130 Litre – 850330NO hot water system to produce hot water. Upon making the booking call the customer explained that he was left with no hot water for two days advising that he had booked in with a different plumber who he was still waiting to attend and to hear back from.

The customer had been trying to get in contact with the booked plumber who constantly had his phone switched off and did not respond to any messages or phone calls. At Jim’s Plumbing, our helpful call centre staff are never shocked when they hear this issue from a customer because this is becoming a regular occurrence in the plumbing field. Fortunately, we understand how much of a headache this can be, and we can assure you that our plumbers are flexible in timing to suit you*.

In this scenario, our customer needed someone almost immediately due to having family come stay with them for the weekend. Simply with a phone call, our call centre operator could hear how under the pump the customer was, so we wanted to make his booking experience as stress free as possible!

Our plumber attended site ready for business in order to turn this customer’s hectic day around. Our hot water specialist got straight to work, not wasting any time and was able to identify the problem almost immediately.

Upon assessing the gas hot water system, our plumber could see that the pilot light was simply not igniting, but not only was it not igniting, the pilot light would not stay lit.

To our hot water specialist, this was an easy enough fix.  The hot water system had a partially clogged vent which was causing a downdraft to extinguish the flame when lit. The plumber just commenced working on clearing the blocked vent, ran a few tests to ensure the blockage was cleared and was happy to let the customer know that the issue had been fixed and that their night can follow on as planned without any stress from the hot water system.

Jim’s Plumbing always ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our services and are always looking at ways to improve our services. Our customer service team get in touch after plumber attendance to ensure that they were happy with our service and we are often told that our customers will be recommending us to their friends, which is always good to hear!

For any of your current or future plumbing issues, contact the Jim’s Plumbing team.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service