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Rheem Solar With Gas Booster

Same Day Service on Your Rheem Solar System

Here at Jim’s Plumbing, customer service is the heart and soul of our business. Whenever a customer calls up, we attend on the same day if suited to the customer. On Tuesday afternoon, a customer called saying that the pilot light on their hot water system was not igniting.

We sent one of our plumbers in the area to attend to the job straight away. He was onsite in under an hour and had a diagnosis for the customer within minutes.

The hot water unit which was giving our customer grief was a Rheem Solar hot water system with a Gas Booster. This particular unit has a 260 litre capacity and panels on the roof. It also has the flexibility of being converted into an Equa-Flow system which is suitable for larger households allowing delivery of more hot water for a longer period. Furthermore, the Rheem Solar with Gas Booster 260 comes with an adjustable thermostat which provides safety for a household with small children and different serving capacities for all seasons.

The plumber from Jim’s Plumbing diagnosed the problem as a faulty thermocouple and set to repairing the unit straight away. He did not have to go very far for parts as all our plumbers travel in fully stocked vans. After replacing the thermocouple on the hot water unit, he also checked the unit including the solar panels all over for any other faults. He also discovered a worn out relief valve which he offered to replace on a special. This was gratefully accepted by our customers. He then provided our customers with a comprehensive report on the service.

All the jobs done by Jim’s Plumbing are guaranteed which means that when we attend a job, customers generally do not require a second attendance for the same issue. It is no wonder that most of our customers are repeat customers. After completion of this particular job, the customers were immensely pleased with the work and requested a business card so that they could call back should any other plumbing problems arise. Our plumber was happy to oblige, providing a magnet for their fridge as well.

During the follow up phone call 2 days later, our customer service manager received an excellent review on the completed job. The customers were particularly happy at the hassle-free manner in which the job was booked in, attended to, and ease of payment.

For your next plumbing issue, call 1300 068 480. Our bookings centre personnel are always on hand to receive calls and plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plumbing problems are things of the past with Jim’s Plumbing at your service.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service