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Rheem Optima Quick Recovery Service

Jim’s Plumbing Rheem Optima Quick Recovery Service

A customer spoke with our team of call centre operators and explained they were interested in changing over their existing hot water unit.

Upon attending in uniform and clearly marked van, we found their existing Rheem Optima Quick recovery 170 litre outdoor, the customer explained to our hot water system specialist that they were interested in replacing this unit with a continuous flow after research on the internet. The plumber felt this was a good option for the customer as they had 6 people living in their house. The plumber explained the benefit of not running out of hot water in a large household. Although this existing Rheem Optima 170 litre is designed for a large household the customer was still finding they were running out of hot water too many times in the middle of a shower meaning they had to wait after all the water had been consumed to reheat.

Jim’s Plumbing gave this customer a quote to supply and install a Rheem 26 continuous flow hot water unit as the customer was happy with this Australia wide recognised brand. This new unit would serve the customers’ needs for more hot water in a growing household. Our quote also included an increase in gas pipework to the unit which was required for the installation of a new Rheem 26 continuous flow.

This continuous flow unit will use more gas than the storage tank but also has a much better energy rating. The quote given to the customer was that of supply and install Rheem Metro Max 26 litre has an energy rating of 5.9 stars, another pleasing positive for our customer about this new unit was it was a far smaller water heater than that of the bulky 170 litre storage tank. Allowing us to free up some room, this new system will also eliminate another problem the customer was having – the pilot light continuously being blown out.

As the Rheem 26 continuous flow unit does not have a pilot light and works through an electric ignition which only ignites when water is needed and a tap turns on changing from a storage unit to a continuous flow model does resolve in a small drop in hot water pressure as continuous flow do not deliver full mains pressure compared to the storage tank,  however, we at Jim’s Plumbing definitely believe the positives outweigh the negatives.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service