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Rheem Optima Electric 401 Series – 250L Outdoor #Model 401250

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One of our repeat customers contacted the offices of Jim’s Plumbing today as they were having an issue with their old Rheem Optima electric hot water system that had split and was leaking from the bottom. The customer advised that the unit itself was quite old and was manufactured in 1996.

Our friendly customer service team were able to quickly organise to dispatch a plumber who arrived at the property within an hour of their phone call*. Once the plumber was on site he was able to take a look at the unit and could see straight away that it was unfortunately beyond repair.

The customer was surprised with how long the unit had lasted for and was more than happy to speak with the plumber about replacement options – The customer also advised he really wanted to stick with the Rheem brand. With this in mind, the customer decided he was happy to go ahead and replace the system with a brand new Rheem 491250 Electric Water Heater.

This unit is a great replacement option as the connections are all in similar positions flexible to the old unit – this makes the installation much more suitable. The new Rheem comes with a 10 year warranty on the cylinder and a much thicker sacrificial anode – The anode is a very important part of the hot water system as it upholds the longevity of the unit itself.

The customer went ahead with our interest free terms** option on the new system as he was much happier to go on a payment plan instead of paying the full amount upfront.  At Jim’s Plumbing – we understand that these things are usually not budgeted for which is why we offer these options to make things stress free and as easy as possible for the benefit of our customers.

Once the plumber had completed installing the new unit – he was able to take away the old unit at the customer’s request and tidy up the workspace.  The customer was very thrilled with how quickly the process was, as he thought that it might be something that could take days or even weeks to get organised.

Our customer service team were able to contact the customer after the plumber had left site – as we always like to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the work that has been carried out and to take on any feedback.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service