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Rheem Optima 250Litre Replacement Service

Jim’s Plumbing Rheem Optima 250 Litre Replacement Service

Just after lunch today, our call centre received a phone call from one of our loyal customers, who has had us out to his address previously for many things such as blockages in drains and leaking taps.

He calls to advise that he currently had no hot water coming from these taps and could hear a popping noise coming from the unit. Our plumber had an appointment available before his lunch, he was able to attend to the unit as soon as possible as was able to be there within 40 minutes. Once arriving at the home, the Jim’s plumber quickly found that the unit was just over 12 years old and the water storage tank was failing.

The tank was quite old, which led to the unfortunate news the plumber had to deliver to the customer that the tank needed to be replaced. As the customer was not expecting this to happen now he was unprepared for such a cost, the fully qualified plumber advised the customer of our interest free terms* subject to approval, he was more interested in the ability to put the cost on his credit card through our mobile eftpos machine which accepts MasterCard, AmEx, Diners and Visa card.

The customer was happy with the long-life and reliability of his current Rheem Optima 250Litre electric storage hot water tank had, he was very happy to have the same replacement tank supply and installed.

Some of the hot water units made by Rheem are connected to the mains pressure so many hot water appliances can be used at the same time. Having serval models available gives you the best option for your household, whether big or small, we can provide you with a Rheem hot water service best suited to your family’s needs. While most units are designed for off-peak use, they do come with a twin element day booster, for family’s that use a lot of hot water through the day rather than at night.

The next day the customer was called by one of our customer service staff to make sure he was 100% happy with the replacement of the storage tank and our plumber’s professionalism the day before. The customer was so happy knowing the plumber was able to attend so quickly and that he was a licenced plumber and gas fitter, therefore was able to do the work with the minimal fuss.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service