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Rheem Loline 270L Solar Panels Leaking

Rheem Loline 270L Solar Panels Leaking

One of the most rewarding parts of our work here at Jim’s Plumbing is hearing positive customer feedback. One of our loyal customers was so happy with the recent job completed at her home. She spent over an hour recounting to our customer service team in depth the quality of service that she had received from the moment she booked the job right up until the moment the plumber left her property with the issue solved!

The problem that our customer was encountering was that there was water coming out of her downpipes from the roof. This was particularly confusing for the customer given that there had not been any rain in the area for a number of days! Our plumber had a hunch that the source of the suspicious water leak was likely to be the solar panels, and as such he climbed onto the roof with his ladder and correctly fitted safety harness.

Once on the roof, he made the discovery that both of the panels were leaking extensively and were in need of replacement. Fortunately, there was no need to replace the tank or solar booster positioned on the ground, as in testing these they were working fine.

We gave the customer a fixed price to replace these panels and they gratefully accepted, utilising our interest free terms.**

We organised for a crane to lift the new panels in place onto the roof as access was difficult and the safety of plumbers and our customers is paramount.

The panels installed that our customer elected to have installed by our plumber were not frost protected due to the fact that the property was located in a capital city where the chances of frost were incredibly slim.

This meant that installing the more expensive frost resistant panels would likely be an unnecessary outlay.

Our customer was also very impressed that on completion, the old leaking solar panels were taken away in the plumber’s trailer and dumped so that no rubbish or mess was left behind for her to deal with!

This customer had a Rheem Premier Loline 270L. The name Loline simply indicates that the tank is positioned low, i.e. on the ground and not on the roof. With Rheem solar hot water heaters, if the tank and the panels are on the roof it is considered to be a Hiline because it is high on the roof!

The Rheem Premier Loline 270L is a favourite amongst many of our customers, as it can provide water for up to five people in the home. Another great aspect of this system is that due to its electric booster that is depicted on the front of the unit above, in the case of replacement of panels had the plumber not been able to attend immediately the system could have continued to be run off the electric booster until the new collectors were installed!

If you require assistance with your Rheem 270L solar boiler, then contact Jim’s Plumbing today!

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