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Rheem Hiline Solar Hot Water Heater Installation

One of our plumbers was recently called out to the home of one of our loyal customers to advise on options for a solar hot water system for the home. Our customer has a family of four, including two young children.

As such it was important that her new hot water unit is suited to her family’s needs now and in the future as her children grow into teenagers and young adults. Fortunately, our expert plumber was able to provide up to date information about a range of hot water systems that would be perfectly suited to the customer’s needs.

When she heard about the Rheem Hiline Solar Water Heater, her eyes lit up. Not only could this unit easily meet her family’s hot water demands, but this solar based unit would also facilitate financial savings by harnessing the sun’s energy to provide power!

Our plumber provided a comprehensive quote to supply and install the unit the same day and our customer readily accepted, utilising our interest free terms** to allow for payment of this unit over time.

The Rheem Hiline solar hot water unit has long been a favourite of our customers throughout Australia. The system comprises a 300L tank and panels and is also electric boosted meaning that even in the colder and more overcast months of the year, the system can still continue to function and produce hot water as required.

In the warmer months of the year however, the system utilizes the power of the sun, transferring this energy to the hot water in the tank.

This simple method of harnessing the sun’s freely available rays can pass on savings of between 65-70% on energy bills to the consumer!

Furthermore, even if the region experiences frost or snap freezing conditions, the Rheem Hiline solar hot water system is equipped technology that protects it from damage and allows it to continue to function.

Another beauty of the Rheem Hiline solar hot water system is its discrete location on the roof of the home. This means that the system and its state of the art panels are safe from damage when children are playing rambunctiously in the yard and allows for more effective utilisation of space on the property.

In the unlikely case of a system malfunction, the Rheem Hiline solar system is also covered by a 5 year warranty covering the cylinder and its collectors! This gives added peace of mind that the system will be able to continue to meet your family’s needs in the long run.

If you are interested in the Rheem Hiline solar hot water system or are weighing up your options when it comes to choosing a new unit, call Jims Plumbing today.

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15 Years of Service