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Rheem 80 Litre Electric Storage System

Jim’s plumbing was called out to a property by a young couple having some issues with their hot water system. They had only recently purchased the house and everything was fine. But over the past week, they found that their hot water was coming out of the taps a lot hotter than usual.

They were adjusting to it but as it gradually got worse, they were beginning to worry that it may become dangerous. We had a Jim’s plumber standing by in the area and had him head straight over to help the couple out.

The plumber was on their doorstep in no time and was taken around to where the hot water system was located. It was a Rheem electric 80 litre hot water system and was located inside an older style laundry at the rear of the house. The customer had seen a news report recently about hot water systems actually exploding and was very worried that theirs may do the same. The plumber tested the water temperature which was well above the regulation standard. So he began his inspection.

The unit itself was in great condition, only 8 years old and no signs of giving up soon. The problem, however, was the thermostat had become faulty. It was indicating the water was not hot enough and continued to heat it well beyond what is needed for the household. Luckily the plumber had an appropriate replacement part in the back of his van and could fix the issue for them on the spot. The customers were very pleased. Not only did they believe the tank to be a danger to them, they had guests coming later that week and were worried someone may get burnt using the water. The plumber began working immediately and in no time at all, the new thermostat was installed and correcting the water temperature. The customers paid via the plumber’s mobile EFTPOS machine and the job was done. With all parts and labour now covered for 12 months, they could rest easy knowing they were not in any danger and could use the hot water comfortably.

Hot water systems coming in many styles and sizes, and with that comes different faults or problems. Regardless of the unit, you can always rely on Jim’s Plumbing to get the job done quickly and professionally. Call our customer service centre on 1300 068 480.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service