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Rheem 50 Litre Storage Tank

Jim’s Plumbing had a call from a local school today on 1300 068 480 who advised they had no hot water being produced in their staff room. We were able to attend within a time frame that suited them.

Upon arrival we found a Rheem 50 litre hot water system installed, we find this to be a popular unit for things such as offices, canteens due to its convenient size. Jim’s Plumbing have worked on these units many times in the past.

After our quick inspection, we found the problem to be the element on the hot water system needed a replacement, we also advised our customer that it would be best to also install a safe tray for under the hot water system.

The safe tray is beneficial  – if the unit does leak and there is no safe tray to protect, the leak will damage joinery. When replacing the element, it was a more difficult job than what we are used to, only because there was nowhere to drain the water during our fix. We advised the customer it would also be beneficial for us to insulate the line coming from the hot water tank as this had not been done and would result in a loss of temperature of the hot water delivered to taps in the staff room.

The customer went ahead with all our suggestions and we got started straight away. We installed the new safe tray and had it discharging water into the sewer lines, so water would have somewhere to go should a leak occur. The hotline was insulated, it can often be an issue when hot water heaters are concealed in cupboards, as they may leak for months without being noticed. This can, unfortunately, result in kitchen and laundry cupboards needing to be replaced due to water damage.

This particular hot water unit is no longer made and its new equal made by Rheem is the Rheemglas Electric 50 litre storage. They are both equally as compact and are very similar in pressure and running efficiency, with a 7 year cylinder warranty, 3 year warranty on labour of the cylinder and a 1 year warranty on other parts and labour. All the new units are dual handled, making for a new easy installation and include mains pressure for hot water from multiple taps at once.

Our customer was happy no replacement was needed and due to our expertise on these small Rheem units.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service