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Rheem 260 Litre Solar Gas Boosted Hot Water System

Rheem 260 Litre Solar Gas Boosted Unit

Jim’s plumbing was recently called out to a property having hot water issues with their solar hot water system. They were complaining of low pressure and a significant drop in readily available hot water. The customer informed us that the unit was a Rheem 260 litre solar hot water system with a gas booster and was about 8 years old. We were able to organise a time later that day when the client could get home from work.

That afternoon, our plumber met the client on site and began his inspection. He could see that besides some minor weather ware and rusty screws, the tank itself was in remarkable condition.

These models are very energy efficient, taking most of their energy from sunlight via solar panels on the roof. They have optional gas or electric boosters to help maintain an optimal temperature should the weather be overcast or not enough heat stored for use at night. The customers were very pleased with the unit as it has saved them a great deal on their energy bill.

The plumber completed his inspection and concluded that the cause for the drop in water pressure and water temperature loss was due to faulty PTR valves. The pressure and temperature relief valves will release water from the increased pressure that happens once the water heats.

What was happening, in this case, was that these were purging water when it didn’t need to. This was resulting in a lack of hot water and pressure. The plumber had replacement valves in his van ready to go and the customer agreed to get them changed over. The plumber also said that due to the condition of the tank, they should still get quite a few years to use out of it before they start to have any major concerns.

As it was later in the evening, the gas booster got to work, heating up the water in the tank. With a full day’s sunlight, the tank should be running like new by tomorrow.

Solar hot water systems are a very desirable unit these days due to increases in power prices and can supply most of the power needed all year round.

Having a gas or electric booster will just guarantee that when the sun does not work in your favour, you can still enjoy hot water all year around.

For any issues regarding you gas, electric or solar hot water system, contact one of our friendly customer service centre staff members today and let us help you get the most out of your hot water system.

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