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Rheem 250L Electric Twin Element Storage

Today we received a call from a customer who had been referred to us from a family friend, saying her hot water system was not producing any hot water in her shower or any taps. As she had some bad experiences with other plumbers in the past she was reluctant to trust someone again. As she spoke with the understanding call centre staff she told us that the previous plumber she had to her home last time did not show up for 3 days, never answered his phone and when he completed the work it was of poor quality.

As we are fully insured with very experienced and fully qualified plumbers, it gives the customer the ability to rest easy knowing that we will have a plumber attend when we say they will attend.

The customer was very happy to see the plumber at the door on time and in uniform. The customer showed the plumber to her Rheem 250L twin element electric hot water system causing all the problems. Once the plumber assessed the unit he quickly determined that the tank was faulty.

The tank had not fared well against the elements over the last 13 years and was showing signs of needing replacement. As the customer was not expecting this expense, she was worried about the method of payment. Our company has a few methods of payment, some of the more popular are our mobile EFTPOS machine which is kept and accessible in all of our Jim’s Plumbing vans. The plumbers are also able to accept cash and cheque, however, this customer was more interested in our interest free terms.

With approval in minutes and no deposit required, the customer was able to have a brand new system supplied and installed in only a few hours. The customer was happy with this system over the last 13 years, so we simply replaced Rheem 250L boiler with the exact same unit, while it does look slightly different now, it still has the same great features as it caters for up to 4 people. This unit was designed for off-peak use, using it at this time will help to save you money. This system, in particular, has a twin element built-in for daytime use for houses with high demand for hot water.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service