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This afternoon we received a phone call to our Jim’s Plumbing call centre on 1300 068 480 from one our customer who has our plumber out at her home only a few weeks ago to install her brand new dishwasher and gas cooktop, worried about her hot water system. She told our booking staff that she could see water leaking from the cylinder the night before. As it has been a cold few days she just thought it could be just the condensation in the air making the puddles near the water tank.

One of our plumbers was around the comer finishing his lunch, he was able to be there within the hour. As the plumber inspected the unit he found the compliance plate stating that it was a Rheem 250 litre electric storage hot water unit model number 11125007, made in early 2004, making this unit 12 years old.

As the plumber assessed the unit we quickly noticed that the storage tank had a small split in the side causing the water to leak from it. Because the unit was just over 12 years old, the plumber recommended the unit be replaced, as being repaired may only but it a small amount of time before it faulted again, causing it to be replaced anyway. Unfortunately with storage tanks they can have a limited life span due to the tank itself, if it I not properly maintained within the limits of the manufactures recommendations, it can shorten the life of the tank and causing a problem like we have seen here.

The customer were quite happy with the current unit and therefore decided to have the same model installed as a replacement. As we pride ourselves on our efficacy installing Rheemsystems, we were able to source the exact unit quickly and have the new unit installed within a few short hours from the time of the call at the call centre. The customer were offered a payment plan on our interest free terms but was more interested to pay via either MasterCard, visa, AmEx, diners and standard bank card through our mobile eftpos machine, which is in all of our Metropolitan Vans.

Once the job was completed we were able to take the previous unit away to the dump for a small fee, as the customer said he no longer had any use for it.

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15 Years of Service