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Rheem 20 Hot Water System Plugin Power Lead

A customer woke up this cold winter morning with no hot water being produced. This was concerning when having a quick glance at the unit – no leaking, and everything seemed to be fine. Assuming the issue was internal, this repeat customer called Jim’s Plumbing after having us attend before for installation of new taps throughout the house.

We were able to organise a plumber to attend later that afternoon as the customer needed to go to work during the day. We attended within our agreed timeframe for the customer, and quickly checked over the customer’s Rheem 20 hot water system and found it was a very quick fix.

Upon inspection, we found that the power lead had been pulled out of the power point meaning there was no electricity leading to the Rheem 20 hot water system. After plugging the unit back in the unit, it immediately fired up and commenced heating the water.

When advising the client of this simple issue they said their son had been using the power point to vacuum his car and forgot to plug it back in. The customer was relieved this was the only issue with the unit as they had only recently had this system installed and was worried something had already happened to it. We reminded the customer of the great 10 year warranty on parts and 3 year labour warranty on heat exchanger.

The customer was also enquiring to us about temperature controllers while we were onsite, wanting different temperatures in different areas of the house. One for the adults living there and another for the younger children’s bathroom. So they would be unable to scold themselves on water that is too hot.

After their initial call to us in the morning, they had noticed their drains were slow to run and due to the small job on the hot water system asked if we could take a look. Thankfully our plumbers carry drain clearing machines on them and were able to complete this work for the customer also. As well as offering a camera inspection if the customer required it.

We were able to clear the slight backflow in the drains quickly onsite and the customer opted to pay with cash for this job to our plumber who was able to print out a full receipt then and there in his van along with some more information about the controllers for the customer.

If you’re needing to have the unit replaced and are worried about payment, don’t be! Here at Jim’s Plumbing we offer interest free payment plans!**

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15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service