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Rheem 170 Litre Gas Storage Hot Water Relief Valve Replacement

Recently Jim’s Plumbing attended a property as their hot water system had stopped producing hot water. The unit was an old 170 litre Rheem gas storage unit and had been on the property since the clients had purchased the house. As they moved in over 11 years prior, it was a good indication of how old the unit really was.

When booking the job, the client advised water was pouring out of the unit, which the plumber assumed may require the full system to be replaced. Fortunately, it was great news for the client as it was only the hot water relief valve that was leaking water and is easily replaceable.

Obviously this was a far cheaper option than having to replace a 170 litre Rheem hot water unit. The good news kept coming as the plumber had the appropriate relief valve in his van, which he easily changed over, tested the unit and left.

This gas hot water system, which was at least 11 years old has survived longer than we normally see. Because the unit itself was not corroded or leaking yet, both the customer and ourselves came to the conclusion not to replace the tank yet as it may still last another couple years.

While onsite, we discussed further options which would be more cost-effective for the client. A unit of this size is better suited to larger families. But as it is only a husband and wife living at this property now, the unit is far too large for the water usage in this case. Our plumber discussed replacing the unit with something more suitable as well as the ongoing running costs associated. With this helpful information, the customer now knows they can downgrade to a more cost-effective unit without losing hot water and saving money on their water bills.

This service was provided on the same day as the initial phone call so they were up and running with hot water by that evening. Payment for the job was made via mobile EFTPOS machine which every one of Jim’s plumbers carries on board, making the process even easier.

If you find yourself without hot water, rest assured that Jim’s Plumbing’s same-day service will have your shower running hot by the end of the visit. With a 12 month guarantee on all parts and labour, call Jim’s Plumbing and let us show you why we are the leaders in emergency plumbing services.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service