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Rheem 130 litre gas hot water system

Rheem 130L Gas Hot Water Unit

Earlier this week, Jim’s Plumbing was called out to a household for a small family. They had recently gotten home from a holiday and their Rheem gas hot water system had not worked since their return. The customer would be home all day but we had a plumber in the area ready to go, so within the hour, the plumber was on the client’s doorstep.

The customer had said it’s a bit of an older unit and they were having some issues well before they went away, but it was still getting the job done (mostly). The plumber went to inspect the unit at the rear of the house and could see the hot water system was at least 15 years old. It had some rust, a lot of the parts were quite old inside as well. The plumber said he could try and repair the unit but was strongly recommending a replacement. Once at a certain age, more and more will start to fail with the unit. It will even cost as much as installing a new unit to repair over the little time it would have left. The client already suspected this might be the case and was happy to get a new unit installed. The 135 litre Rheem he had was very reliable but as they had another baby on the way, something slightly bigger would be more beneficial to them. The plumber recommended that a newer Rheem model in the 160 litre tank size would be more than appropriate. The plumber made a call to his local supplier who had one ready to go and got to work.

The customer had a lot of respect for the Rheem he had and chose to stay with the same branding which is not uncommon. Rheem is the market leader in hot water systems and has been for the past 50 years, so sticking with a brand name you can trust and one that has proved itself is always a smart choice.

A few hours later and the job was complete. The system was already heating water for that afternoon and the plumber cleaned the site and took the old system offsite for disposal. In the end, it was a quick and hassle free visit. The clients were without hot water for only a small time, they got a more modern and efficient system as well as a 12 month guarantee on all parts and labour. Jim’s Plumbing is always available to help, call us today on 1300 068 480

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15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service