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Replacement of Dux Proflo to Chromagen Eternity T26 Hot Water System

Jim’s plumbing got a call on 1300 068 480 this weekend from a rather distressed customer. After having called two other plumbers who would not answer their calls, they stumbled across Jim’s Plumbing – noticing our website includes that we have a 24/7 business – including weekends and public holidays. One of our call centre operators answered straight away and the customer explained that their hot water system seems to be leaking and is not producing hot enough water.

We were able to have a plumber to them within the hour on a Saturday afternoon to assess the problem. The fully licensed and experienced plumber arrived to find this old Dux Proflo 135 litre gas storage hot water system installed.

Our plumber was already aware that Dux no longer make this unit due to its low gas energy rating. We found that due to the nature of the leak – from the bottom – this system was unable to be repaired and the only option was a replacement. We gave our customer a few options including a new gas system if they were happy with their current unit, as well as a new continuous flow hot water system.

After hearing a lot of good things about continuous flow units, they went ahead with our quote for the supply and install of a new Chromagen Eternity T26 hot water system. We explained the benefits of the system being, and not limited to, an endless supply of hot water. Unlike a bulky storage system, continuous flow hot water systems heat water as it is needed. They can save money on bills as water is not being heated when it is not used, as well as remove any bulky eyesores on your property, ideal for units or townhouses.

The Chromagen Eternity T26 has a 6 star energy rating and is able to run off natural gas or LPG. This unit has a fantastic Japanese design focused on quality manufacturing.

There is also a 10 year manufacturer warranty on the heat exchanger and a 3 year warranty on other parts and labour.

Our Jim’s Plumber quickly got to work installing this new hot water system which also included the removal and dumping of the old Dux Proflo hot water system, all included in the plumber’s original quote.

We were able to offer our customer with an interest free payment plan** for the supply and install, the customer gladly accepted which we were able to do quickly over the phone.

The benefit of using a bigger plumbing company like Jim’s Plumbing, is our response time, and we were able to supply and install a new hot water system upon arrival and on a weekend!

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service