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Replace Dux Proflo 315L Electric Storage with Dux 26 Continuous Flow

A new customer called Jims Plumbing today, worried about the state of their hot water system, noticing it was making a strange noise. Not wanting to waste time, the customer quickly called us after numerous friends and family commenting on fast service in the past.

We were able to get one of our fully qualified plumbers to attend to the customer’s property within the hour. On arrival to this existing Dux Proflo 315 litre electric storage unit it was very quickly noticed that it needed to be replaced.

Giving the loud hissing noise coming from the unit as well as water pouring from the top of the unit. As there was already gas on the property, and speaking to the customer about what they wanted in a new system, we were able to give the customer what we consider to be a better option for them.

We quoted to supply and install a Dux 26 continuous flow hot water unit. Which would be far more energy efficient, also offering the customer with our interest free payment plan** which they opted to go for in this case.

Speaking with our customer we found they worked away from home two weeks out of four in the mines. We explained to the customer this new unit will save the customer a lot of money in the long run as this way they would not be heating water every day when working away. A continuous unit only starts heating when the hot water is used in the house, so water and electricity is not being used together.

Inclusive in our quote was the attendance of an A Class electrician to attend to disconnect the power going to the old hot water unit in the metre box to ensure everything was done to regulations. We connected the existing pipework and ran a new gas line to the hot water system position and also used the hot and cold connections that were existing going to old Dux Proflo.

This option really suited the customers’ needs as there was only one person living in the house whom worked away for periods up to three weeks as unfortunately the old unit was producing 316 litres of hot water and maintaining its temperature at 60 degrees. Our customer was happy with how small the dux 26 continuous flow was compared to the large bulky storage 315 litre Dux Proflo tank.

The Dux endurance 26 has an energy star rating of 5.8 stars as is a very small 571mm high and only 350 mm wide – weighing a tiny 16 kg only. To meet current regulations we installed a 50 degree model which means the model is unit is set at only delivering top of 50 degree so people are not scolded in bath or shower – especially for young children who may forget to turn on the cold water when using the water.

Our customer enquired about the temperature controllers which come as an option whereby different bathrooms and kitchens can be pre-set at different temperatures. This was not installed today however the customer said they may do this down the track – however it is more of an option than an necessity.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service