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Replace Dux Prodigy 3 Gas Storage with Chromagen Eternity T20

Jim’s Plumbing Replaced a Dux Prodigy 3 Gas Storage with Chromagen Eternity T20

One of our friendly call centre staff called our valued customer after receiving an online web enquiry through our Jim’s Plumbing website, advising he had heard a bang from outside and now has no hot water coming through his taps. Upon the plumber’s attendance, it was quickly assessed and found that unfortunately, the current unit had to be replaced.

As the customer was not anticipating the unit needing to be replaced, he was delighted to hear that the plumber not only accepts cash and cheque but has a mobile EFTPOS machine in the van that accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diners, so he could use his credit card for payment.

Unfortunately, the Dux Prodigy 3 is no longer manufactured and sold due to it having a low 3 star energy rating. Therefore, the Chromagen Eternity T20 was the clear choice for the replacement as it has double that energy rating of 6 stars is and is a smaller, more compact unit that will not run out of hot water.

These units are 2 completely different types of hot water system. The Prodigy 3 is a large storage tank where the water is continuously heated similar to that of a kettle you’re paying for the energy and gas even if you are not using all the hot water in the tank. You are also burning a pilot light that uses gas with a pilot light that can be blown out on windy days. While the Chromagen Eternity T20 is a unit that has a continuous flow system, that will heat the water constantly eliminating the need for a tank as the water is heated only when a tap is turned on. They are a smaller compact unit and as said above has a star rating of 6.

The customer will never run out of hot water or have a pilot light blowing out as it has on the elect ignition as it ignites the main burners. As the customer had a growing family this continuous flow model was the ideal choice as it can cater for 1 – 2 bathrooms. Also with the installation of a more compact unit, space was able to be freed up along the side of the house as we removed the previous existing tank of the Dux Prodigy 3 as part of one of our many services for storage hot water systems.

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15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service