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Repair Vulcan Gas 135L Storage Unit 641135N0

Repair Vulcan gas 135L storage unit with gas isolation valve replacement

Here at Jim’s Plumbing we attend an immense number of hot water repair and replacement jobs every year throughout Australia. One unit that we come across very commonly on our travels is the Vulcan gas 135L storage unit.

Vulcan is a household name in Australia, manufacturing a number of units that serve the needs of Australian families with the highest degree of success. The popularity of these systems is likely attributable to the high quality materials from which they are made, making these systems reliable, tough and durable. Furthermore, due to the nature of the parts in these units, the majority of those needed for replacements are stock items that are kept in the van of every Jim’s plumber Australia wide.

The Vulcan mains pressure gas outdoor water heater that we worked on for one of our valued customers today was a model 641135N0. In speaking with the customer, it became clear that they had this unit installed 6 years ago and like most Vulcan units, have found it incredibly reliable and problem free until this point. However today, whilst doing a spot of gardening near the unit, they were alarmed to discover a very strong smell of gas. Here at Jim’s Plumbing, we understand the terror that the possibility of a gas leak can evoke in our customers, as these issues can be incredibly hazardous. Luckily, our plumber was able to attend within the hour to assist our customer.

When the plumber tested the operation of the gas and the associated pipework. It was found that the existing gas isolation valve that was in need of replacement. Once installed, the plumber tested the pipework for soundness with a gas monometer and found that there was no longer any leaks evident. It was conclusively determined that the formerly leaking gas valve had been the sole cause of the strong leaking gas smell.

Galvanised right angle brackets are bolted to the brickwork and the hot water system. This is installed on both sides of the hot water heater, and prevents the unit from tipping over! This is important particularly when you have children and animals playing near the unit, or in areas were extreme weather poses a threat.

No Interest Ever!** payment plan options availableĀ on hot water heater replacements to help ease any financial stress this burden may cause. If your hot water heater is leaking, or you have no hot water, we can often have a plumber to you within the hour*. If you require assistance with your Vulcan gas 135L gas storage system, do not hesitate to contact Jim’s Plumbing on 1300 133 509 today!

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15 Years of Service