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Repair Thermann 50 Litre Electric Storage Hot Water System

Thermann 50 Liter Electric Storage Hot Water System

Jim’s Plumbing recently attended a late-night call out for a 50-litre Thermann electric hot water system that had suddenly stopped working. The unit was about 3 years old and up until this morning, the customer had not had any previous issues with it.

Despite being late at night at the beginning of a long weekend, Jim’s Plumbing was still able to attend within the hour*. Our plumber was able to quickly identify that the unit itself was salvageable and that only the element and thermostat needed replacing. Much to our client’s delight the plumber had both parts in his van and was able to do a full repair job on the unit in the one visit.

This is one of the many advantages of using Jim’s Plumbing for all of your emergency and maintenance plumbing repairs as we stock an extensive range of parts and fittings in our vans to make sure we cater for almost all plumbing problems. Our plumbers are fully qualified gas fitters that have extensive experience and knowledge across all areas of plumbing.

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Unlike so many other plumbing companies that operate only in standard working hours, Jim’s Plumbing is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week – even on public holidays! We believe in providing our customers with long term cost-effective solutions to their plumbing problems, which is why we recommended repairs over the replacement of this fairly new Thermann hot water service.

In accordance with manufacturer guidelines, your Thermann hot water unit may only be used if it has a fully operational thermostat and over-temperature cut out device installed. Not only does the thermostat maintain your hot water temperature, but its cut out device acts as a safety mechanism to prevent you from being scalded by overheated water.

The guidelines also state that only a qualified tradesperson can remove the element cover to inspect the element highlighting another reason why it is imperative to call a fully licensed plumber whenever you are having hot water problems.

The purpose of the element is to heat the cold water as it circulates around the bottom of the tank. The hot water then rises to the top of the tank where it flows out of the system when a tap is turned on.

The Thermann 50L hot water unit is a compact and relatively inconspicuous unit that can be installed even in the smallest of places, making it an ideal appliance for apartments and terrace homes where space is often limited.

Despite being one of the less common hot water services on the market, Jim’s Plumbing still has the knowledge and parts to fix these units and can provide you with a competitive and comprehensive quotation should it need replacing.

Call Jim’s Plumbing next time you are looking for a plumber and we won’t disappoint.

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15 Years of Service