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Repair Rinnai Infinity 26

Jim’s Plumbing Can Repair Rinnai Infinity 26

Just after 7am our call centre staff received a phone call from a customer who had seen one of the vans around the city. He called in a panic as he had water leaking from the bottom of the unit. He was worried that someone may get electrocuted from the system as the customer knew it had an electric ignition.

As one of our plumbers was just a short distance away he was able to quickly attend to the worried customer, within the hour*. The customer was very grateful for this as he was an elderly gentleman, who was in need of his hot water system to be in full working order.

Once the Jim’s plumber arrived at the home, the customer was very relieved to see him and in such a presentable way, with his uniform neatly pressed and a smile on his face. As our plumbers are very familiar with Rinnai systems and find any faults that may occur with them, he was able to find quickly that a simple valve was causing all the trouble for our customer.

As our vans are fully stocked at all times, the part required was easily sourced and the Rinnai infinity 26 was up and running again in no time. The gentleman also was very happy that he could pay via Cheque as he had yet to go to the bank and did not have a bank card to use through our mobile EFTPOS machine.

Our fully qualified plumber advised the customer that since the Rinnai 26 hot water unit was manufactured between 2004 and 2006, with the unit being discounted in 2006, meaning the unit is between 10-12 years old and may need replacing in the near future. The customer was very appreciative of the plumber’s advice, the customer said that he would be happy with another updated version of his current unit the Rinnai 26 instant hot water system as it has served him well since installing it.

Some of the benefits of the Rinnai Infinity 26 is its ability to supply hot water to 2 or more bathrooms making it ideal for growing families. This system can be connected to either natural gas like the one shown in the picture or LPG, also having the unit installed externally makes access to the unit easier when the time comes to either service, repair or replace it. With its 5 star energy rating, you know that the unit will provide you with continuous hot water at an affordable price.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service