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Repair Rheem Integrity 20 Continuous Flow Hot Water Unit

A Rheem Integrity 20 unit developed a fault after being strong and reliable for many years to the customer. The Rheem error message displayed on the indoor temperature control panel indicated 2 faults, an error code 11 and error code 15.

These errors indicated that the unit had no ignition and that the built in boiling safety device had been tripping on a regular basis, due to a clogged heat exchanger. This medium capacity model is particularly strong and dependable with a 20l per min output and 6 star efficiency, the series is a very popular choice as they are small in physical size making them ideal for townhouses and flats.

Due to the integrity’s 3 year warranty on heat exchangers, the customer was unable to claim on this, and called Jim’s Plumbing immediately. As the customer was a carer for an elderly resident, the need for hot water was of a top priority to have the issue resolved as soon as possible.

A fully qualified Jim’s plumber was swiftly dispatched to the customer shortly after the booking the job, and a within the hour timeframe was given to the customer thanks to the state of the art tracking and dispatch technology used by head office. The plumber arrived at the doorstep on site within 20 mins of receiving the job as he had just completed another service nearby.

To the customer’s amazement, the plumber hastily identified the underlying issues with the Rheem system and determined that a pest had found a home on top of the unit due to heat emitting from the exhaust making it an ideal place to nest. This had caused the heat exchanger to clog and become faulty. The part required replacement which the plumber was able to source and fit on the same day. With one fault down, the plumber then set about the other problem being the ignition on the unit not functioning correctly. This was again the fault of the pest, as the debris had fallen into the unit, they had snuffed the pilot light out and the unit was unable to restrike its flame.

A simple process to rectify, but still done with care and caution that only a fully qualified and experienced Jim’s plumber should attempt. The control panel was reset and all were faults cleared. The customer was overjoyed with the end result and now has a fully serviced and functional instant hot water unit, repaired for a fraction of the cost of what they were expecting. The customer was advised of the standard 1 year warranty on the parts and workmanship from the plumber and was also given a hard copy printed out from the on board computer systems.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service